• Material processing Cold finished bars Steel wires for cold heading and cold forging
  • Parts processing Cold forged parts
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  • We'll be celebrating the 100th anniversary.
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  • Cold forging
  • Cold forging
  • Cold forging is a process of forging parts at room temperature below recrystallization temperature.This process ensures higher accurate dimensions of finished products than the hot forging process.
  • Cold forging
  • Features
  • - Our proud assets: versatile facilities, deep knowledge about "steel" and reliable technology
  • - Zero waste process design with the customer's post process taken into consideration
  • - Extensive experiences for cold forging of asymmetric shapes
  • - Capable of forming a shape as close as possible to the customer's requested shape by using the part former combined with a cold pressing process when the requested shape cannot be formed by the part former alone
  • Schematic process diagram
  • Cold forging
  • List of facilities
    Name of facilities Quantity
    Part former5 units
    Cold forging press 7 units
    Phosphate coating line for parts Complete set
    Heat treatment furnace (STC) 6 units
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