• Material processing Cold finished bars Steel wires for cold heading and cold forging
  • Parts processing Cold forged parts
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  • Cold finished bars
  • Cold finished bars
  • Steel round bars and wire rods used as raw materials consistently go through a continuous flow process from pickling or shot blasting surface treatment
    to drawing to cutting to correction, to produce finished products. Our Cold finished steel bars feature surface smoothness and precise finishing, addressing a broad range of market needs.
  • Cold finished bars
  • Features
  • - A continuous flow process from scale removal to drawing to cutting to correction
  • - Highly accurate dimensions; uniformly dimensioned long steel bars
  • - Length perfectly tailored to meet the needs of individual customers
  • - Centerless grinding or cut to size services for Cold finished steel bars
  • Schematic process diagram
  • Schematic process diagram
  • List of facilities
  • Name of facilities Diameter Quantity
    Combined drawing machine
    Coil to Bar
    6 to 12φ 2 units
    12 to 22φ 2 units
    22 to 32φ 1 unit
    Drawing machine
    Bar to Bar
    13 to 25φ 1 unit
    20 to 35φ 1 unit
    28 to 68φ 1 unit
    Shape correcting machine 14 to 37φ 3 units
    Chamfering machine 5 to 30φ 2 units
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