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  • Parts processing Cold forged parts
  • Overseas operations
  • Environmental initiatives
  • We'll be celebrating the 100th anniversary.
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  • Environmental initiatives
  • Environmental initiatives
  • We are making the best use of the Nagoya City Green Zoning System to promote greening initiatives in our plants.
    There are approximately 10,000 snow azaleas planted on the premises of the plant.
  • Environmental policy
  • We are environmentally conscious and contribute to building a sustainable thriving community.
  • Environmental initiatives
  • 1. We continually improve our environmental management system and evaluate our environmental performance by defining our environmental objectives and policies in accordance with our business operations, aiming to achieve these objectives and policies, and reviewing these objectives and policies at regular intervals.
  • 2. We define our environmental objectives and goals, make these objectives and goals well known to all the employees, and increase their awareness of our environmental preservation initiatives.
  • 3. We comply with all environmental laws and regulations, ordinances, and agreements and ensure environmental preservation.
  • 4. We are particularly focused on the following actions to promote environmental preservation in every aspect of our business operations:
  • (1) Setting a 1% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions compared to the previous year (calculated in basic unit) as the target and achieving 3% reduction in three years (calculated in basic unit);
  • (2) Implementation of energy-saving and resource-conserving actions (air-conditioning, office automation equipment, and lighting);
  • (3) Controlling waste emissions;
  • (4) Measures regarding transportation means such as vehicles (no car idling and eco driving) and adopting low-emission vehicles.
  • 5. We annually conduct a review of our environmental policies, reflect the changes in our environmental objectives and goals, and continually improve our environmental performance.
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