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  • 1920 Jiro Suzuki, President and CEO two generations back, founded Suzuki Iron Works, the first cold drawing plant in the Chubu area, based in Atsuta-ku, Nagoya-shi, where the current headquarters is located.
    1945 The plant was completely burned down during the war.
    1949 Toyoji Suzuki became the president of Suzuki Iron Works, Co. Ltd.
    Increased the capital to 800,000 yen.
    1961 Built the Odaka Plant in Odaka-cho, Midori-ku, Nagoya-shi to establish volume production capacity.
    1964 Changed the trade name to Suzutoyo seiko Co., Ltd.
    Increased the capital to 28 million yen.
    1969 Increased the capital to 35 million yen.
    1971 The Odaka Plant became JIS Mark certified.
    1973 Started using a drum bell furnaces to start production of CH materials.
    1976 Started using an eddy current detector to ensure quality assurance.
    1983 Started using a cold pressing machine (weight: 400 tons) to start production using cold forging.
    1985 Purchased the 24,000 ㎡ parcel adjacent to the Odaka Plant.
    1986 Built a new thermal processing plant and started using a roller-hearth STC furnace (Furnace 1)
    Increased the capital to 50 million yen.
    Started using two part formers and four cold pressing machines to increase production capacity of cold forgings.
    1990 Toyoji Suzuki became the chairman.
    Tomohiro Suzuki became the president and CEO.
    1991 Started using a large-size long part former.
    1994 Started using an STC furnace (Furnace 2).
    1996 Established a joint venture, T.S.K. FORGING CO.,LTD. in Thailand.
    Started using two cold pressing machines (weight: 630 tons)
    1997 Started using a cutting machine to start the parts cutting process.
    Started using an STC furnace (Furnace 3).
    Increased the capital to 80 million yen.
    2000 Started using an STC furnace (Furnace 4).
    2002 Became ISO9001 certified.
    2004 Became ISO14001 certified.
    2006 Integrated the functions of the headquarters (based in Kanayama) to the Odaka Plant.
    2008 Started using an STC furnace (Furnace 5).
    2009 Built a new plant.
    2013 Became OHSAS18001 certified.
    2014 Started using a Schumag draw bench.
    2015 Started using a large-size 6 die station part former.
    Established a joint venture, Mirra and Mirra Industries Private Limited in India.
    2016 Started using an STC furnace (Furnace 6).
    2019 Became ISO45001 certified.
    2020 Tomohiro Suzuki became the chairman.
    Takahiro Suzuki became the president and CEO.
Suzutoyo Seiko Co., Ltd.
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